CISCO 2851-V/kg

CISCO 2851-V/kg

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CISCO 2851-V/kg

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Release Date13-SEP-2004
DC Input Voltage:24 to 60 VDC; autorunning positive or negative
DC Input Current:12A (24V); 5A (60V); Startup current: 50A<10 ms
Dimensions (H x W x D):3.5 x 17.25 x 16.4 in. (88.9 x 438.2 x 416.6 mm.)
AC-IP max in-line power distribution:360W
Fixed USB 1.1 ports:2
AC Input Surge Current:50A maximum; one cycle (-48V power included)
Console port (up to 115.2 kbps):1
AC Input Current:3A (110V); 2A (230V)
Power Dissipation:AC: 240W (819 BTU/hr). AC with IP Phone: 310W (1058 BTU/hr) . AC with PoE-IP phones: 240W (819 BTU/hr.. ) AC without PoE support: 280W (955 BTU/hr). DC: 300W (1024 BTU/hr.)
Onboard LAN ports:2 - 10/100/1000
AC Input Voltage:100 to 240 VAC
AC Input Frequency:47 to 63 Hz
Redundant Power Supply:External only; connector for RPS provided by default
Optional integrated inline power (PoE):Yes; requires AC-IP power supply