Brandrex Cat 6 PLUS F/FTP 500m

Brandrex Cat 6 PLUS F/FTP 500m

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Brandrex Cat 6 PLUS F/FTP 500m

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Final Assembly
Cable: 4 of the above shielded pairs
Drainwire: 0.5mm Tinned Annealed

Copper Wire
Tape Screen: Wrapped with aluminium polyester tape,applied metal side in
Sheath: LSHF compound

Mechanical and Environmental
Temp - Installation: 0°c to +50°c
Temp - Operation: -20°c to +75°c
Max Tensile Load: 10kg per simplex cable

Min Bend Radius: 8 x Outer Diameter

4 x Outer Diameter

Halogen Free cable types (LSHF) meet IEC 60754-1 and IEC 61034

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